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cruising at 35000 feet

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COCKTALES | Cebu Pacific hiring more foreign pilots as new planes arrive

well…looks like the old company is on a hiring spree. i still haven’t forgot my goals. it may be sidetracked for now, but i’m still looking forward to filling up that seat in the cockpit. so…anyone out there willing to take a gamble?

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still alive

so anyways, yep I’m still alive. thank you for everyone in the worldwide aviation community who helped ferry goods or loaned their own air crafts to the victims of Typhoon Haiyan / Yolanda that recently ravaged the Visayan Island of my country, the Philippines. well, not only those in the aviation community, but everyone who helped. thank you all. i’m not from the Visayan region, i’m up north - Luzon, National Capital Region.

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