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so what’s this all about?

since i was a kid, i have always wanted to be a pilot - i mean who wouldn’t right? anyway, my dreams were dashed when i acquired bad eyesight starting in elementary then not really achieving the ideal height pilots have. so i set aside this dream since i won’t be able to compete on a physical level. took up fine arts in college instead and ended up as a graphic designer. fast forward to around 2010 or 2011, i got a temp job in a leading low-cost carrier as a graphic designer. hooray! somehow i got close to achieving the dream of working for the airline industry. day in and day out i see pilots (captains and first officers) everywhere. confirmed, you really have to be vertically gifted to be a pilot. then i saw this guy - a pilot, definitely smaller than me or we’re of the same height. never really paid much attention to it or questioned how he became a pilot. fast forward again to several weeks back, a friend posted on his Facebook wall that they are offering CPL or Commercial Pilot course. turns out he is a flight instructor. i inquired for the fee since my 9 year old son is interested in becoming a pilot. it occur to me that, again, we’re of the same height, more or less. so in jest i asked him if i could become a pilot in spite of my height and my laser-surgery corrected vision. he told me, it’s not a problem. i asked him if there is an age-limit because i’ll be turning 36 this year. he told me, that there is an aerobatic pilot that got his CPL when he was 50. so there, that sparked my interest in reviving a childhood dream BUT…yes there is and there will be a but, my only hindrance is the financial aspect. i think they offer the cheapest and being a friend and a brother (in an organization), he would forward my concern to the school head. i could have said yes immediately but i had to stop and think. see, to acquire the CPL (and other three-lettered licenses), you’d have to have at least Php2Million (or $4910380.00 WTF is this even correct? i’m really lousy at math) so you could acquire some flying hours. so where do i get that sum? i figured i could sell (or pawn) my trusty steed - my beloved 1st car - to a friend then get it back once i have my wings. still no, i’m still way too short. can’t pawn the house either.

so yeah, this blog will be all about my travails and journey on how to get the required amount (and hopefully a three-stripe epaulet) for me to get started on this new career. hopefully some kind hearted fella’ or organization out there will pick up on this blog and help me. no i’m not waiting for manna from heaven to drop, i’m doing research on my own - which companies or school to reach out to in hopes of getting started.

*UPDATE: i already approached an airline company and asked how i could apply for financial aid. unfortunately, i got shot down (pun intented). probably more on that soon.*

believe me i don’t normally do this nor i would have imagined to do this. i could have simply walked off (again) from this dream. but hey this is more than just chasing a dream. i have my own reason for wanting to be a pilot. i could give up easily on this as there is no way will i be able to get Php2M in an instant. no bank would be crazy to loan me that, i’ve got nothing to my name. i’m not sure if there are education loans here, they’d probably laugh at my face.

so yeah, shamefully plugging this. i’ve got the spark, i only need the fuel to ignite the flame…hold on that’s cheesy.

Dude in desperate need to become a pilot. Seeks financial help to even get started. Trade you for round-trip free flights once I get my wings.

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